Healthy Organizing helps people create the space essential to taking back their lives and achieving their personal goals. We offer both a personalized organizing service as well as an abundance of ideas & resources for those inspired to pursue the do-it-yourself path. We connect our clients and readers to the resources they need to better their lives, while reducing their attachment to the “unnecessary stuff” that clutters their homes.

Many seek our help in times of transition:

  • when moving or downsizing
  • starting a home business or office 
  • welcoming a new family member to your household
  • dealing with a family estate

Our mission is helping you adjust to new situations and making the most out of the space you have. We also help parents, overwhelmed with their responsibilities and the growth of their families, rid their houses of stressful clutter and re-imagine their home as a place of healthful calm.

Personalized Services

We all need a little help now and then to declutter our lives and find our personal space. We help people purge, recycle and donate items they no longer need, allowing them to live a more efficient and streamlined life from day to day, and enjoy the time and space to do what they want to do. Healthy Organizing is the therapeutic means to a happier, simpler life.

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Healthier Lifestyles

We help you break the clutter habit and discover the health benefits of creating more time for you. Organizing your home or workspace can improve your happiness, your relationships, your physical health and mental wellbeing. We show you how to sort your possessions, set priorities, discard what you do not need, and maintain healthy organization habits.

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Reach Your Potential

Discover a new lifestyle of minimalism that affords you the freedom to focus on what’s important to you. Our process begins with reaffirming your most important life goals, and we guide you on the path towards achieving them. We work with you to set up a new foundation for your life, get it back on track, achieve realistic milestones, and celebrate your successes.

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