Welcome to Healthy Organizing,

I am Kendra Stanley, I grew up in Colorado and moved to California in 1993. I spent almost two decades working in the field of human resources from the California Culinary Academy, to Harvest Technology, IPWireless and Consumer Health Interactive. I eventually obtained a degree from USF in Non-Profit Business Administration which led to the creation of City Bag Trade in 2006 and Healthy Organizing in 2011.

In the past many years I have lost my husband and both my parents to cancer related diseases. I now understand the weight of grief, downsizing, moving, sentimentality around stuff and the challenges with letting go. I have worked with many clients over the years in similar situations or are dealing with varying levels of trauma. I am now able to relate through my own personal experience. Stuff certainly has a way of weighting us down but we have the power to be free of it.

Healthy Organizing collaborates with a variety of resources and depending on the requirements, scope and budget for the project, we work with movers, packers, event coordinators, designers, contractors, organizational development professionals, donation centers, art appraisers, auction houses, organizing products and stores, consignment shops, and practically any other resource needed to get the job done.

Less IS More, Let’s Get Organized.