Healthy Organizing was founded by Kendra Stanley, who discovered the rewards of helping people create order where it’s lacking in their lives, so that they can make long-term improvements and successfully achieve their life goals.

As Healthy Organizing’s Principal Organizer, Kendra collaborates with a variety of resources to meet the needs of our clients. Depending on the requirements, scope and budget for the project, we work with movers, packers, event coordinators, designers, contractors, organizational development professionals, donation centers, art appraisers, auction houses, organizing products and stores, consignment shops, and practically any other resource needed to get the job done.

Kendra is an energetic person that thrives on creation, innovation, and change. She assists – and inspires – clients to create more space for themselves, so that they can be more productive doing the things they want to do. Her motivation is to bring awareness on how people can better serve themselves and the environment, by being able to utilize what they have, share what they don’t need, and transform what they are attached to.

Kendra’s diversified background in human resources, healthcare, education, project management and entrepreneurial ventures affords her the experience to be of service in a number of different capacities, and across multiple industries. She has also been involved with numerous community and cultural organizations, including San Francisco International Arts Festival and Hunter’s Point Family

In addition to Healthy Organizing, she’s also the founder & operator of City Bag Trade, which promotes the sustainable reuse & upcycling of old rain jackets into shopping bags