Organizing your home and office can improve your happiness, your relationships, your physical health and mental well-being. Simplicity in your surroundings makes it easier to keep your mind clear and open. Healthy Organizing can help you restore your home or work space to a peaceful oasis that better allows you to focus on what matters in your life.

Many approach clutter and disorganization as a space problem, hoping that their challenges can be solved by acquiring bins and organizers. This approach usually does not go far enough, as it does not address the compulsive behavior that frequently accompanies living with an overwhelming and unmanageable environment.

Healthy Organizing helps our clients break the clutter habit and let go of the things they do not need. We’re sensitive to every individual situation, and recognize there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach that works with everyone. Our focus is teaching individuals how to sort their possessions, set priorities and discard what they do not need. Our objective is to restore your quality of life.

We help you recognize that it’s often easier to let go of things if you know they will belong to someone who truly needs and values them. We also help you develop healthy habits around living with less possessions and keep those things you need in a place that does not invade your personal space.

The benefits of breaking the clutter habit do not end with you, but also extend to your family and other personal relationships. We have observed how instilling the values of a healthy organized lifestyle can be a gift to your children as a breath of fresh air for those who are important in your life.