An organized space equals a more efficient and productive lifestyle. We help people purge, recycle and donate items they no longer need, allowing them to live a more efficient and streamlined day-to-day, having the time – and space – to do what they want to do. Healthy Organizing is the therapeutic means to a happier simpler life.

Getting organized, and staying that way, can help you:

  • Save money
  • Decrease stress
  • Spend less time trying to manage clutter
  • Increase efficiency
  • Enjoy your home, family, and job more
  • We recognize one size does not fit all, and every one of our clients enjoys a personalized approach tailored to their individual circumstances.

Clutter: For those really challenging areas, we jump right in to de-clutter them, sort through everything, help you recycle unwanted or unnecessary stuff and get it to the right people and / or place.  We will establish a place to put things you’re keeping, and put everything in its place.

Closet: We organize any type of closet to make it functional and easy to find what you’re looking for. We also design and install closet systems tailored to your needs — either custom or prefab.

Kitchen: We make every cabinet, cupboard, drawer, and pantry functional: from basic organizing to custom designs for remodeling or simple kitchen makeovers.

Garages: The garage is an extension of your home, and we create orderly garage environments where you can easily store and find items easily.

Basement & Attic: We create functional storage areas by de-cluttering and establishing storage solutions that enable you to find things easily and give you a livable, functional area.

Moving: We help make your moving experience stress-free and uncomplicated. We handle any or all phases and tasks involved with moving — from packing to unpacking to organizing everything in its new place.

Event Planning: We organize any and all types of event — parties, meetings, conventions, trade show exhibits, weddings … you name it.

Work Environments: Whether you're setting up a home office or home-based business, or just need to take charge of your work environment, we provide a full range of services to get the job done so you can focus on your biggest priorities. We create, maintain, and update filing & information systems, both paper & electronic.

We offer our expertise in space planning for your office or workspace. We educate clients in best practices for time and task management, as well as contact management. We organize and provide productivity coaching & training for teams and workgroups. And we plan and assist with packing for business trips, both short term and extended.