I couldn’t be happier with the results that were achieved using Healthy Organizing. I would recommend this service to anyone who is serious about reducing clutter, increasing usable space and getting organized.
— Colnel F.
This is the first time I’ve worked with a professional organizer, and Kendra was amazing! She didn’t judge the things that I wanted to hang onto for sentimental reasons and quickly helped me shed so many of my children’s old toys, old art supplies, and old clothes. It is incredible what we accomplished in just 2 hours. In the two days since she worked with me, I’ve seen my children rediscover the toys that they love and had all along, but that were buried behind other things. I actually FEEL lighter and am enjoying my house again!
— Wendy L.
The moment I committed to Healthy Organizing my life changed for the better! No joke! I started cleaning up and getting rid of things naturally in preparation for Kendra to come over. I wish I had before and after pictures.
In my mind, my apartment resembled something from “Hoarders”. I was embarrassed to have anyone over. Kendra made me feel comfortable through the entire process and in just a few hours I was seeing my apartment as a sun filled sanctuary. I love coming home now. There is harmony in my space and I haven’t been this happy in a long time.
— Ginger D.
This is my third time using Kendra from Healthy Organizing.  She is truly amazing at what she does.  She’s got the perfect balance between patience (with my indecision) and encouragement (to get me moving).  Each time we finish a project I have been beyond happy.  When some area of my house has gotten cluttered up and needs to be purged and organized, I call Kendra and every time, after just a few hours with her, I feel like a weight lifted from my shoulders.
— Elizabeth O.
We had a short window in which to make a move that was somewhat unexpected. Having Kendra’s help was essential, as she knew exactly what needed to be done and how to accomplish the work efficiently. In less than two days we had everything packed and moved and cleaned up. It was pretty amazing. I have every confidence that she could handle just about any organizational task you could come up with.
— Susan P.
In 3 hours, Kendra made more progress in organizing our shared spaces than I had in a year of living here. Yes, she’s truly adept at purging and organizing but her true mastery is in her ability to facilitate the process. She is sensitive but pragmatic. She keeps you moving, motivated and keeps the dreaded second guessing at bay. And on top of all, she is a lovely person as well. Highly recommended!
— Stephanie H.